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Unicef Bronze logoUntil schools reopen UNICEF are going to publish a new resource set called Article of the Week.

The set will contain activities for primary and secondary, a reflection and an extension exercise. Activities are easy to carry out with the minimum of equipment - most only need a pencil and paper.

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16th April 2020 - 23rd April 2020 - 30th April 2020 - 7th May 2020 - 14th May 2020 - 20th May 2020 -27th May 2020 -3rd June 2020 -10th June 2020 -17th June 2020 -24th June 2020 - 1st July 2020 - 8th July 2020

PE - This is for any form of exercise… it could be a walk with the family or Joe Wicks at home.

Updated 17th June 2020

PE20     PE202   Ambergate PE    PE 29th June


Stamford Bridge - updated 13th July 2020

stamford bridge 29th june    stamford bridge 6th july    stamford bridge 13th july

Silverstone - updated 12th July 2020

silverstone 6th july    silverstone resources 6th july   silverstone 13th july    silverstone resources 13th july

Miss Clarks Lessons - updated 12th July 2020

miss clark 13th july   design challenge rc    lets create rc

Mrs Pells Lessons - updated 6th July 2020

Mrs pell 15th june     Mrs pell 22nd june  Mrs Pell 29th June   Mrs pell 6th july  

Mrs Bonds Lessons - updated 12th July 2020

mrs bond 15th june    mrs bond 22nd june    Mrs Bond 29th June    mrs bond 6th july

Miss Morton's Lessons - Updated 6th July 2020

Henley 6th July    unit 1   worksheets week 6   miss morton 13th july  miss morton resources

14 - 16 Twickenham, English, Science & PSD

14 16 Twickenham Class English Science and PSD

GCSE English Language - updated 12th July 2020

Diagon alley    gcse english powerpoint mapping and imaginary world    maps of imaginary worlds

GCSE Geography - updated 12th July 2020

climate change    past climates how do we know    the causes of climate change    climate change how do we know

GCSE History - updated 30th May 2020

History Burghley     History Making of America     History Nazi     History Peoples Health     normans 1st june    hitler ppt    hitler    hitlers rise to ppt    how did the nazi    nazi   why did people support the nazis 

GCSE Maths - updated 30th May 2020

Maths     Number     gcse maths

Mrs Kelly's Lessons - updated 13th July 2020

miss kelly 22nd june  Miss Kelly 29th June    Miss kelly 6th july    miss kelly 13th july


Pine - updated 12th July 2020

pine 22nd june    pine 29th june    pine 6th july 2020    pine 13th july

Ash - updated 13th July 2020

ash 13th july 1st

Horticulture - updated 13th July 2020

horticulture 6th july 1st   horticulture 6th july 2nd  horticulture 13th july 1st    horticulture 13th july 2nd      

Hospitality - updated 13th July 2020

hospitality 6th july 1st     hospitality 6th july 2nd   hospitality 13th july 1st    hospitality 13th july 2nd

Upper School Online Resources

upper online

Barefoot Computing



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Kew Gardens

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National Centre of Craft and Design


Home Activities 

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Angry Birds Calculated Colouring

Angry Birds Calculated Colouring Key

DT Challenges

Finger Knitting

Logo Challenge

Love NHS


NHS Batman

NHS Rainbow

NHS Heros


Pebbles 1

Pebbles 2


  Gold - All together  nat-portage-assoc-v3  NCTL National Teaching School lock up colour  national-support-school colour  Ofsted Outstanding OP Colour
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