Upper School

Upper School – Year 8

 Classes are grouped as follows:

KS3 - Silverstone and Stamford Bridge

The year 8 curriculum has been tailored in order to meet the needs of all pupils following the formal requirements of the National Curriculum. The curriculum is designed to ensure that our pupils progress well from the lower school curriculum. Therefore, providing a sequential build-up of knowledge in preparation for the 14-16 curriculum and pupils selecting their personalised timetables based on their options. The year 8 curriculum consists of all core and non-core subjects ensuring pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum. 

Upper School - 14 - 16

Classes are grouped as follows:

KS3 – Ascot

KS4 – Henley, St Andrews, Twickenham and Wimbledon

The 14-16 curriculum (Year 9 – 11) is designed to be flexible enough to meet the individual needs of all learners. We ensure this is carried out by the following:

The curriculum is person centred in that all pupils have a bespoke timetable and are offered considerable choice during the planning stage. A range of qualifications are offered and targeted at appropriate levels to include all pupils regardless of ability.  The range of qualifications on offer and the number of partners involved in their delivery serves to engage as many pupils as possible both in terms of accredited qualifications and enrichment activities. All pupils have the opportunity to progress through the curriculum and be supported towards achieving established goals.

Pupils from year 9 to 11 have to undertake the core subjects which are English, Maths, Science, PSD and RSE, however they have an Options evening every year where they can decide on non-core topics that they would like to study for the next academic year.

List of current options available to pupils across the fellowship:

BTEC sport: Entry Level 3 – Level 1 Certificate

Performing Arts: Entry Level 3 – Level 1 Certificate

BTEC Art: Entry Level 3 – Level 1 Certificate

BTEC ICT: Entry Level 3 – Level 1 Certificate

BTEC Health and Social Care: Entry Level 3 – Level 1 Certificate

BTEC Travel and Tourism: Entry Level 3 – Level 1 Certificate

Humanities: Entry level 1 - 3

BTEC Hospitality: Entry Level 3 – Level 1 Certificate

Design Technology: Entry level



DUKE OF EDINBURGH: Bronze and Silver


Skills for Working in the Catering & Hospitality Industries (Sandon only)

Skills for Working in Horticulture Industries (Sandon only)

Example 14 – 16 Timetable: (Please click)

14 16 timetable example

GCSE Provision

Across the fellowship pupils have the opportunity to access GCSE qualifications if it is deemed appropriate. We offer pupils the opportunity to work towards 7 GCSEs

  • English
  • Maths
  • Statistics
  • Combined Science
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art

Along with this we also deliver ICT functional skills and pupils have two option blocks.

Example GCSE Timetable: (Please click)

GCSE timetable example

Term 6:

Please click the links below to view the Upper Key Stage 3 Curriculum and Knowledge Maps:

Upper KS3 Curriculum Term 6 20     Upper KS3 Knowledge Term 6 20

Please click the links below to view the 14 - 16 Curriculum and Knowledge Maps:

  14 16 Curriculum Term 6 20     14 16 Knowledge Term 6 20   

Please click the links below to view the GCSE Curriculum and Knowledge Maps:

GCSE Curriculum Term 6 20     GCSE Knowledge Term 6 20


Please click the image below to view the PE Curriculum and Knowledge Map for Term 6:

PE Term 6 20

Relationship Education/Relationship & Sex Education - Sandon

Relationship Education Sandon

Relationship Education/Relationship & Sex Education - Ambergate

Relationship Education Ambergate

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