Work Experience

We aim to give all pupils aged 14-19 the opportunity to gain an insight into the world of work through work experience placements within the community, internally in GANF, through work place visits and locally organised career events.

Work Experience

As part of the learning programme it helps pupils to:

  • Experience work at first hand
  • Understand how an employing organisation functions
  • Experience the social relationships at work
  • Appreciate the expectations that employees will have of fellow workers
  • Assess how they will adapt to working patterns and relationships outside school
  • Gain the self-confidence needed in the adult world which in turn increases self-esteem and self-worth
  • Develop skills and knowledge for adult life

The work experience coordinator organises the placement which is then approved by the Lincolnshire and Rutland Education Business partnership. Once consent letters have been received from parent/carers the placement is then confirmed.

Work experience opportunities are advertised, pupils complete application forms and go through an interview process. We also work with pupils to organise more personal placements.

A work experience TA is available to support pupils and will accompany those who may require it.

During the period of work experience the pupil is required to complete a work experience log book provided by the school. The work experience co- coordinator will visit the pupil during their time on placement and will keep a record of this. All employers complete a short report on each student at the end of the placement.

Work experience placements usually last for either one full day or ½ a day a week for 6 weeks, however extended work experience may be offered to pupils to support engagement or to enable them to enroll on a specific course at college.

Current External Opportunities:

  • Hope Café
  • The Co-op
  • McDonalds
  • Asda
  • Children’s Day Nursery
  • Little Gems Gift Shop (Grantham College)
  • Downtown Garden Centre
  • Sue Ryder Charity Shop
  • Maidenhead Aquatics
  • Grantham Food Bank
  • Local Care/Nursing Homes
  • Grantham Tennis Centre

We also have strong links with many other local businesses such as motor mechanics, opportunities to work with animals and Grantham Museum. Our aim is to ensure that the work experience we offer meets individual needs, as such we can organise one off experiences and recently had a visit from a local ice cream van.

Internal Opportunities:

  • Building and ground maintenance
  • Reception
  • Assisting in the lower school classes
  • Assisting with Lower school sports/PE
  • School transport valeting

Please click each picture to view the case study:

hope community cafe     Coop     asda     Ice Cream     little gems     Ambergate Site Maintenence     macdonalds     Grantham Food Bank     Gregory House     Downtown     woodlands     Maidenhead Aquatics

Work Place Visits

Alongside the work experience placements we also organise work place visits. These are one off visits for either pupils who are not yet ready to participate in the work experience programme, or to visit employers who wish to support our programme, but are unable to offer ongoing work placements.

These visits have been hugely successful, at giving pupils an insight into the day to day workings of various companies.

So far we have visited:

  • The RSPCA in Radcliffe on Trent
  • Macdonald’s in Grantham
  • Job Centre in Grantham
  • Western Power Station
  • Yorkshire Bank
  • Siren Radio in Lincoln

We also have lots of other exciting visits lined up for the rest of this academic year.

Western power     Dogs Trust     Macdonalds Workplace visit

Careers Events

Pupils also have the opportunity to attend various careers events. These events are supported by businesses/employers to give an insight into different areas of local employment. The days are very hands on and pupils get a practical taste of different job opportunities that perhaps they had not thought of before.

Recent career days attended:

  • Construction Day
  • Field to Fork

life in construction

School Based Work-Related Opportunities/Mini Enterprise Activities

GANF pupils are involved in various curriculum related and mini enterprise activities;

  • Jubilee Centre Coffee Shop run by Post 16 Hospitality
  • Post 16 Horticulture Mini Enterprise
  • Ambergate Mini Enterprise lunch club

The Post 16 Hospitality group based at Sandon School run a coffee shop two mornings a week at the Jubilee Centre in Grantham. They prepare food on school premises which they then take to the coffee shop where they serve tea, coffee and a selection of cakes, biscuits and paninis.

This supports the Post 16 Hospitality curriculum and qualification in Hospitality that they are working towards, as well as giving pupils work experience and supporting the development of valuable life skills. All the pupils in Hospitality are supported in gaining a Food Hygiene Certificate which, enables them to run the café.

The Post 16 Horticulture Group at Sandon grow flowers and vegetables, which they sell as part of a mini enterprise. These activities support their Horticulture qualification that they are working towards.

At Ambergate a mini enterprise lunch club runs every week and pupils have worked hard to organise and put on two very successful events. These activities require them to work as part of a team, and use their communication and organisational skills to achieve an end goal.

Cake Sale Success     mini enterprise

As you can see we have a very wide range of activities on offer, requests from pupils can be wide ranging and we are always on the lookout for new and exciting placements and projects, if you think you can help please don’t not hesitate to contact us.

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Jo Corrall

Exams Officer/Careers Advisor/Work Experience Coordinator

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