Ascot Presentation

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It’s time for Ascot class to show off their talents!!

Parents and Carers came into school for a morning of meet and greet with GANF staff and then a presentation from their child’s class.

The pupils from Ascot class showed parents all about what they have been learning so far this term.  They impressed with ICT Presentations covering their History topic.  They put together a presentation for Geography all about earthquakes and volcanos.  The pupils showed what they have been working on during Art lessons, drawing quirky self-portraits.  Parents were even lucky enough to watch the children sing a Gary Barlow song and play some instruments.

It was a wonderful morning and the Parents/Carers were thrilled to find out exactly what their child gets up to during their school day.

Parent, Mrs Harrison, said, “I have never been so proud!  My son has never sung so loud and with such confidence in his life.  Thank you for giving me a great parent moment!”

Mr Harrison added, "I'd like to say thank you for trusting our son to deliver what he delivered during his Class Presentation.  Nobody has ever seen him as the sum of all the things he can do, only by the things he can't.

Today, for the first time ever, we felt he was in the hands of people who see how amazing he can be, when people believe in him.

I have never had a happier day as a Dad.  Thank you all so much". 

Look out for your child’s Class Presentation coming soon….

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