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Feedback from Parents/Carers, February 2014

Every Open Day we ask our parents to give us feedback on how they feel the schools are performing and whether they feel their children are happy. In February 2014, parents took part in our parent survey and we are always extremely grateful for this feedback. Parent comments will be taken into consideration when updating our School Development Plan and communication plans for the coming year. 
The responses have made for interesting reading and we will be working hard as we strive to improve even further.

Here is a list of things that Parents feel we do well:

Great Communication

Children are very happy in school

Class Presentations

Very welcoming schools


Keeping students motivated

Communication home is done well

Praising pupils for making progress

Environment and facilities are excellent

Encouraging the children to do well

Children are happy

Great communication from school to home

After school activities

Any issues are dealt with appropriately


Here is a list of things that Parents feel we could improve on, along with our action points:

IT support to help child at home - Currently trialling a new online package, once satisfied, this will roll out to parents...

Records and continuity - Recent upgrades to our Behaviour Watch System (Pupil record keeping) are improving this situation

More Clubs and Activities after school - New lunchtime Clubs have been organised.  Afterschool Clubs are currently being looked at.

Communication regarding incidents at playtime - Again, due to the Behaviour Watch upgrade, this has improved.

Group children according to their specific needs - Being looked into for the new September term.

To see more of our child’s work at Open Days - Being looked into for the next Open Day.

An academic round-up at the end of the week - This is already being looked into.  Planners are to be updated more frequently.                                                                                                  Tutors to our 14-19 year olds will be adding more information.

Close supervision at unstructured times ie; during lunch and break times - Always paramount.  Pupil groups have been changed to                                                                                                                                           help this situation.

A lot of time taken up at the end of the day with electronic items being given out - Cases that store the items have been upgraded,                                                                                                                                                         this should improve timings.

More sports activities after school - Currently being looked into...

Car Parking - An ongoing issue that will improve following the Beacon re-build, the police are trying to assist us, as best they can.


Here is a selection of comments from Parents:


“We are more than pleased with our child’s progression and growth in confidence.  We feel his needs are being met 100%, we could not wish for a better school for him.  Thank you!”


“The school is by some margin the best thing that has happened to our son.  We are massively happy!”


“Our child feels a great sense of belonging at school, he is very happy here.”


“Communication at School is brilliant and I personally think that Teachers and staff do an excellent job with all pupils, including my son.”


“Every aspect of GANF is fantastic!  The staff are brilliant, the pupils always look happy, a smashing school!”


“We feel extremely grateful and fortunate that our son is here, thriving, happy, and making friends!”




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