Junior Hacks

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Five GCSE English pupils were set a task to write an article for the GANF Gazette.

During their English lesson, an “Apprentice” style video was played on their white board, asking them to complete a task.  The learners had three hours from brief to print. It is noteworthy that the three hours began once they had finished laughing at the comedic video briefing.

Nevertheless, with gusto and vigour the class set about responding to the demands of their somewhat eccentric editor in chief. With imaginations wild yet reporting practice focused, our group of junior hacks moulded the plethora of research into concise and professional pieces of work.

Though this is not 'live' GCSE work it does go some way to perfecting the considerable talent for the exam room.

They all rose to the challenge and we are proud to display the results here.  Please click below....


Harry Brown - World War 1, 100th Anniversary

Kayleigh Hughes - Lincolnshire Days Out

Joshua Feasey - Boredom Beaters

Daniel Parker - World Book Day

Cameron Ross - Awesome Mothers