Jennie Retires

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Our Jennie retires...

Jennie Baumber, 61, has worked for GANF for 32 years.  She has worked for both Ambergate Sports College and Sandon School over these years and will be greatly missed by pupils and staff alike.

GANF expressed thanks at the end of last term with dedicated assemblies.  Cards and gifts were presented to Jennie, and songs and dance routines were performed.

Jennie said: “It is so important to help pupils develop. I’m really going to miss the children. The children all did individual performances, which was lovely.”

Principal in charge of schools, Ann White, said: “She is an absolute inspiration. She has helped many, many children with their reading, right the way through.

“An inspiration to all children. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with her.”

Amongst those who have benefited from Jennie’s support is 15-year-old Harry Brown, who said: “She is one of the kindest and most thoughtful of all people. She cares about every and each pupil individually.”

The staff also marked Jennie’s retirement with a meal in Grantham, and next week she will be visiting family and taking a well-earned holiday in Gibraltar.  

We wish Jennie a wonderful retirement!