Fun at Gravity Fields

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Pupils across GANF take part in Gravity Fields WeekGravityfieldsLOGO

Gravity Fields is a festival of science and art events in Grantham that celebrates one of the world’s greatest scientists and Grantham born, Sir Isaac Newton.

During the festival, GANF pupils took part in the following workshops:- 

  • Rocket Schools Workshop - Twickenham, Oak and Beech classes attended this workshop where they learnt about rockets and had a go at making one themselves. They were then allowed to fire their homemade rockets at a target!
  • Danger High Voltage Science Show - Ascot class joined in this workshop. The students learned about electricity and magnetism.
  • Cool Light and Optics – Wembley class took part in a hands on science demonstration, focusing on light and optics.

Pupils from Orchard class also visited Gravity Fields, they were able to have a sensory experience focusing on the amazing light exhibition at the George Centre in Grantham.

As part of the Gravity fields celebrations, Ascot class were involved in an art workshop with artist Dee Sowden. Dee came into school to do artwork with them based on the scientist Rosalind Franklin. They made lanterns and were then invited to the big parade, Gravity Fields Carnival. The parade ran through Grantham Town with pupils from other schools also taking part. The specially created Rosalind Franklin ‘Giant of Science’ masterpiece was on show, alongside all the lanterns our pupils had made.