GANF wins Lottery Grant

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GANF receives Lottery Funding!BigLotteryFundLOGO

Grantham Additional Needs Fellowship (GANF) is among 99 projects in the East Midlands receiving a share of £829,384 in grants from the Big Lottery Fund’s Awards for All programme this week.

We are always striving to improve the lives of our pupils through environment and experiences and to this end, we have been fundraising to install a small adapted gym at our Ambergate site.

Our more able pupils can access their sports field for football, rugby, running, hockey, long jump etc. However, our less able pupils struggle to access some of the physical aspects of sport and having a purpose built gym will enable inclusion across the board.

Principal in charge of schools, Ann White “Life skills is paramount and sits very high within our organisation. We want to prepare our pupils as best we can for life after education. For many of them, improving and developing their motor skills will give them a better chance in life and spending time with others at the gym will enable them to boost their social skills. We are thrilled to receive this lottery grant of £10,000, this now puts us on a fundraising total of £18,279 meaning we are getting so much closer to our goal of £24,000. We are all so excited for works to start on the new purpose built gym”.