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German links strengthened!

Grantham Additional Needs Fellowship has cemented its relationship with a German school by signing a special agreement.

KBZO Special Needs School in Weingarten has had links with GANF for four to five years now and there is an exchange programme every year in which a group of children travel abroad to visit the other school. This year the German children visited GANF, next year GANF pupils are visiting KBZO again. 

Burkhard Lerch, Teacher and Partnership & Exchange Co-ordinator at Geschwister-Scholl Schule (KBZO) along with four members of KBZO's Leadership Team talked to GANF pupils about the partnership, during a special Assembly at Ambergate. Peter Bell, GANF Executive Head, was also present and both parties signed the agreement, to continue the working relationship in the future and also, to extend the links and become more involved than ever.


Pictured: Peter Bell, GANF Headteacher, and Paul Green, Assistant Head of Ambergate Sports College, welcome Burkhard Lerch and their German guests.