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GANF Students embark on a Business Plan Venture

Years 9, 10 and 11, consisting of pupils from Lansdowne, Henley, Wimbledon and St Andrews Class, have been set a challenge to create a business plan for a brand new business venture of their choosing.

The pupils split off into small groups this week, to discuss their ideas. Each Team had to think about the branding of their chosen product/idea. They began designing a logo and discussing possible slogans for the marketing of their business.

They also talked through the advantages and disadvantages of their product/idea and had to agree who they would be targeting, who would be their target market? (ie; age, gender, income, interest, lifestyle etc.)

Here is an example of the work in progress, from one of the Teams in Wimbledon Class:

IMG 0004 SportWebsite

Matthew Goodman and Jack Ward decided to go for an online Sports Retail Store. Here is their website design and a model of rugby goal posts, as an example of what you could purchase from their online company; everything would be available from sports clothing to sporting equipment!