Wembley present...'Troy'

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A Trojan War

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Following on from the success of last year’s pilot ‘Parent Presentation’ scheme, this week Parents and Carers from Wembley Class, came into school to meet GANF staff and watch a performance put on by their child’s class.

This was an opportunity for pupils to show their parents and carers exactly what they are learning during their school day and for parents to see what their children have been getting up to at school.

Last term Wembley Class have been learning all about Ancient Greece and the story of Troy. They wanted to show parents exactly how much they now know about this part of history and they were very excited to recite the story of the Trojan horse!

The pupils also showed off their art skills during their performance, wearing Trojan soldier helmets they had made themselves, along with swords and shields they had designed too.

After the performance, parents were able chat with the class and look through some of their child’s work.

It was a wonderful morning and parents were thrilled to get an insight into the school day.

One parent said, “The presentation was excellent! Our child doesn’t often tell us what goes on in school so it was a real eye opener for us. Thanks for being a great school.” Another parent said, “I thoroughly enjoyed watching our child being confident with his friends.”

Look out for your child’s class presentation coming soon!