Anyone for Cricket?

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You might not think of cricket when you see a table tennis table, but the game of Table Cricket provides an opportunity for youngsters with severe physical or learning disabilities to play competitive cricket.

A regional tournament took place on Friday 24th April at the Lee Westwood Sports Centre, Nottingham Trent University and Oak Class entered the event!

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The day was run by Belvoir Castle Cricket Trust in Partnership with Nottinghamshire County Cricket Board. Six teams attended - Carlton Academy, Sandon School, Oak Field School, Christ the King Academy, Beech Academy and Woodlands School.

Sandon pupils did very well, winning 2 of their 5 games!

The day was won by Carlton Academy, who won all their 5 games.

All the children that took part in the event were presented with a certificate and a goody bag at the end of the day.

How to play Table Top Cricket:

Teams consist of six players, with each individual innings lasting two overs, regardless of whether the batter is given out.

Every time a wicket is lost five runs are deducted from the team's starting score of 200.

Two, four or six runs can be scored if the ball is hit in-between fielders placed on the side panels.

Wide deliveries are severely punished with four runs awarded to the batting team.

Don't think that being a batsman is easy though, with six different ways of being dismissed.

Avoiding the 'caught out' zones on the side panels requires good shot selection and placement.

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