Pastures “GREEN”

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This term we have said a sad farewell to a longstanding staff member at GANF, Mr Paul Green.Paul G New

Mr ‘G’ started his employment at Ambergate School some 10 years ago, he has held many positions whilst employed at the schools and introduced some innovative ideas during his time with us.

Paul began his employment as a 1:1 Teaching Assistant. He moved up through the ranks and eventually into a leadership role, managing the ASD centre within our Ambergate site. Whilst working at the schools, Paul also studied towards his teaching Qualification at Bishop Grosseteste and Grantham College.

He was responsible for initiating the first contact with our German Partnership school in Weingarten, Germany and organised an extremely well received first ever residential “abroad” trip for the school. This exchange trip has continued to thrive each year and our pupils benefit from this excellent opportunity, seeing both our German counterparts and our own pupils visiting each school annually. 

When Ambergate and Sandon federated, Paul was a vital member of the new leadership team and spent time on both sites as School Manager, responsible for the day-to-day running of the site he was based.

His ICT skills were invaluable and he introduced ICT BTec to the school which has managed to gain many pupils some essential and valuable qualifications in this area.miss you

His last appointment at the school of Assistant Head Teacher saw Mr G responsible for the day-to-day running of the Ambergate site and gained him much popularity with both the pupils and staff alike.

Paul will be sadly missed by all pupils and staff across the Fellowship, we all wish him the very best in his future ventures.