Horrible Histories? Great Presentation!

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Ascot 2015 horrible histories

Following on from the success of our ‘Parent Presentation’ scheme, before the end of half term Parents and Carers from Ascot Class, came into school to meet GANF staff and watch a performance put on by their child’s class.

This was an opportunity for pupils to show their parents and carers exactly what they are learning during their school day and for parents to see what their children have been getting up to at school.

Last term Ascot Class were learning all about Medieval Periods. They wanted to show parents exactly how much they now know about this part of history and they were very excited to act out a story, wearing full Medieval dress. They also sang a song from Horrible Histories, about the plague!

The pupils also showed parents some of what they have been learning from their curriculum. They covered spellings, rhythm and poetry, from their English subject and light and sound, from their Science subject.

It was a wonderful morning and parents were thrilled to get an insight into the school day.

One parent said, “I really enjoyed it. It helped me visualise the things I had been told about at home. It was brilliant to see the children engage with each other during the performance.”

Another parent said, “It was really informative and lovely to see the children so enthusiastic about what they have been learning about in school.” FullSizeRender 29

Look out for your child’s class presentation coming soon!

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