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German Exchange Trip 2015 Day 4 to Day 6

Day 4

Following a very efficient start to yesterday, the group earn an extra 30 minutes of sleep time until 7am this morning! Unfortunately the same two boys continue to face a challenge when getting up, even with the mention of a ‘water aided alarm’! The allure of breakfast appears to be the most effective ‘wake up’ as it was just that which encouraged a full count at the kitchen table!

day4assembly day4 class day4rachael day4eating

Our day began as before with a lesson taught by Mr Ryan. Despite his limited grasp of the German language, the class enjoyed an entertaining approach to finding objects beginning with letters of the German and English alphabet. The day continued with more integration lessons and a presentation from our German friends about the Dornier museum, which we plan to visit tomorrow. They were so clear in their presentation that the learners felt confident to try their German language skills and asked lots of relevant questions.

It is vegetarian day at KBZO so we all enjoyed an array of fresh vegetables with a large potato roti for lunch. Delicious and healthy, we all left to play pool and indoor games as the British weather caught up with us and made venturing out into the wilderness a bit of a no-no!

We enjoyed a post lunch school assembly that saw the entire KBZO population gather to celebrate the successes of the school. Mrs Ellis made a speech in German as well as Josh, who introduced Bertie in his speech of thanks and gratitude. We played games at the school into the evening.

day4games day4pool day4pool2 day4 bertie Day4masterchef

As Bertie sat and caught up with the world of news, the boys took it upon themselves to venture out into the rain and raced go carts whilst Mr Ryan flashed his skills on the courts and had a game of water basketball. A big shout out must go to Callum who worked tirelessly with Mrs Mackinnon and Mr Walker to provide an awesome local dish! It was the first time he finished his food too (Callum certainly is Mr popular now with his culinary skills!!!).

Concern is rising for the boys Wi-fi situation as cave like drawings are appearing on the chalk board! Until tomorrow, goodnight.

Day 5

With a busy day ahead, the wake-up call is extra loud! Though to Bertie’s shock the girls are up before the alarm!!! Both Racheal and Samantha are into the shower and at the breakfast table before the boys have even had a chance to smell the coffee (it is worth noting that they are being extra quiet to allow Bertie to get some much needed sleep).

Straight into language lessons with Burkhard and the class that Mr Ryan taught yesterday. An investigation story creates the point of interest for the group. It needs each of them to have keen observation skills to spot the clue to get onto the next chapter. Chris is now tipped to be the next 007 thanks to his keen observation and reasoning skills.

day5learning day5school day5ict day5footy

Simultaneously another lesson is encouraging the learners to share their likes and loves in the world, of course Richard talks about Man Utd whilst Wood carving proves to be an education slot in its own right from Jordan. Break time sees the learners mixing with the children from KBZO without adult introductions and prompts, Bertie couldn’t believe how far Racheal had developed in being able to start a conversation independently with a student with whom she had never spoken. Of course the language of the boys focused around the football pitch (still no England v Germany).

The ICT lesson that followed break had Chris very excited for obvious reasons, Wi-fi!!! Of course he was slightly underwhelmed by the experience of a limited internet that used good old fashioned wired connections, though he did soldier on to create a presentation about the Route 66 in USA. The group worked incredibly well with their German counterparts. Though they were a little challenged when navigating German web space they achieved the objective and remained fine representatives for GANF.

Fish Friday was a menu theme as with the UK but the fish came with a dressing and pasta rather than the peas and chips we so dearly miss, though very tasty we did agree that the British do it better!

day5fish day5bus day5bus2 day5outside day5trip

Following preparations on the previous day, we headed to the Dornier museum using public transport. For some it was the first time using a train to travel and what a fun experience to! We were very impressed by the friendly nature of all the drivers etc. Bertie did note how the teachers were having a rebellious streak when they insisted sitting on the back row of the bus!

The Dornier museum was a brilliant place that followed the history of German aviation. We saw boat planes, War planes, rockets and satellites. The airstrip just outside of the café was a great place to sit and watch the Zeppelin blimps fly whilst aircraft landed!

day5aero day5aero2 day5aero3 day5aero4 day5aero5 day5rich day5group day5train day5group2

Our journey back allowed us to hop off of the train to visit Lake Constance. Such a wonderful end to the day. The lake was alive with people enjoying their free time and having fun. We were so tired when we returned that dinner was very quickly followed by sleep. Bertie didn’t really make dinner, too much writing to do!

Day 6

The world was a quiet place for an extra hour today because we had a lie in! Uninterrupted sleep until the hour of 8am was blissful. With a round of showers complete and breakfast consumed, we set about making our lunches. Every one of us (including Bertie) constructed a sandwich and selected snacks and a drink for the day. The bank opened and money was distributed for those who felt a little purchase coming on later in the day. Mr Ryan was in a particularly optimistic mood, as he changed three times!!! He said it was to match the improving weather but the jury is out on that one (He has been eating rather a lot of the German delicacies after all).

The gamble did not pay off for Mr Ryan and his shorts, because the closer we got to the theme park called Spieland, the darker the clouds became until British weather once again caught up with us! Un perturbed by the weather we wrapped up and advanced into a cracking day of fun, frolics and freebies! From Bucking Broncho to Water Rapids and puzzle game houses we did it all and to top it off, Mercedes gave away ponchos and hats. We obviously made immediate use since the water was coming from the sky in almost as much abundance as the rides offered!

day6 day6group day6ride day6slide day6boats day6bertieday6cow day6fire day6pic day6view 

Fears conquered and memories made we left the park in high spirits! Though Bertie did disappear at some point early on since he does not like the rain, we did secure a hat for him though and he managed to complete the editing he had for a sister newspaper!

The evening sunshine offered an opportunity for games a plenty but with an underlying word of caution and advised period of rest for tomorrow as we hike over 1km above sea level! Bertie, get your boots!