Belvoir Day Out

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Oak and Beech Class were invited to take part in a Countryside School Day at the Belvoir Estate this week. This was the icing on the cake for Sandon pupils following on from their Table Top Cricket experiences earlier in the year.

The Belvoir Castle Cricket Trust runs a Special Needs Cricket Programme giving youngsters the opportunity to play sport and learn skills on a regular basis.

During February and March GANF pupils were visited weekly by Former Cricketer and Trust Director, Darren Bicknell, to coach Sandon pupils 'Table Top Cricket'.

The programme was a success and resulted in Oak Class being given the opportunity to take part in a Special Needs Table Top Cricket Tournament in April. The day was run by Belvoir Castle Cricket Trust in Partnership with Nottinghamshire County Cricket Board and was held at the Lee Westwood Sports Centre, Nottingham Trent University. Sandon pupils did very well, winning 2 of their 5 games!

During their time at the Belvoir Estate this week, Oak and Beech Class practiced ball skills on the Belvoir Cricket Club ground at Knipton. Darren and Sam Bicknell were on hand to coach the pupils but this time not on a table but in the beautiful countryside back drop of Belvoir Castle!

The children had a fantastic time, the sun shone and they played practice games of cricket, stopping for refreshments half way through. Then it was a short ride in the school bus up to Belvoir Castle, where the children met ‘Persil’. A friendly Barn Owl. The children took it in turns to hold Persil, wearing the protective glove and some children even got to hold some meat while Persil flew to them to fetch it!

Following a picnic lunch the pupils were then very privileged to go and meet the hounds and horses from the local hunt.

The children had a fantastic day out and we would like to thank Darren and Sam and The Cricket Trust for making it all possible.