Health Week at Sandon

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Parents and pupils alike enjoyed Health week at Sandon at the end of term.

In line with the national government initiative “Change 4 Life” we thought it would be fun to introduce some new things for pupils and their parents to try out. Throughout the week the children took part in many activities under the theme of ‘Health’.

The week began with a visit from Asda and a presentation about healthy eating by Asda and GANF’s Safeguarding Team. Parents had a fun group discussion afterwards talking about foods and exercise, with all saying they were taking new ideas home with them to try.

A yoga instructor came into school to do sessions with Ash and Horticulture. Virsco spent the week completing sport themed activities with every class at Sandon while Hospitality were given dance classes and free water bottles! Throughout the week every class had their own ‘Healthy Focus’. To name a few, Beech Class held healthy breakfasts throughout the week while Orchard Class concentrated on honing their smoothie making skills. Willow focused on painting with fruit and vegetables.sugar swaps

Statistics show that 9 out of 10 lunchboxes have the wrong food types in them. Try swapping: Pasta for wholemeal pasta. White bread for brown bread. Sweetened drinks for water. Chocolate biscuits for fruit. We received some excellent feedback from parents, saying there was so much they weren’t aware of.

Parents filled in a questionnaire and one lucky winner went home with a healthy food hamper, courtesy of Asda, thank you!