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Joe Bogumsky, Outdoor Education Co-ordinator at GANF has been awarded the Forest School Level 3 Practitioner Award!Forest School Logo

Congratulations Joe!

This is fantastic news for GANF because it means that full Forest School Teaching can now commence at our brand new Forest School.

As you will be aware, the Forest School Project has been developing over the past 2 years with behind the scenes work including sourcing a woodland and funding being raised. It is quite remarkable and a major achievement that The Forest School is now up and running.

We always aimed for the project to be fully inclusive and we are proud to say that we have achieved this.  GANF believes everyone is an individual and that children need activities to support their learning. We have a responsibility to ensure we stimulate them enough to enhance their learning process. We believed we could support this further with a Forest School Programme. We aim to enthuse and educate our students and achieve this through outdoor learning.

Phase One of work is now complete and the Forest School is really beginning to take shape. There are now pathways following a sensory circuit around the woodland, most importantly, this is also accessible to wheelchairs. There are sensory stations around the circuit with bamboo musical instruments. There are a fire pit areas and a spectacular outdoor classroom made from natural materials which is positioned right in the centre of the woodland, taking advantage of all the wildlife around.

Phase Two will take place at the end of November. This will consist of planting a small orchard and a large amount of wild flower seeds. The installation of bat boxes and bird boxes will complete this phase.

Phase Three is scheduled for February next year. An impressive Willow Tunnel will be planted and form the official entrance to The Forest School. We will then plan to hold an official opening of the Forest School during the Spring months, once the Willow Tunnel has started to grow and take shape.

All areas of the curriculum will benefit from students being able to access this wonderful natural environment. We spoke to Mr Bogumsky about his Forest School Level 3 Award, “I have been in the outdoor industry for many years now and have been exposed to a lot of bush craft/survival type activities.  Having now passed the Forest School Practitioner qualification, I am now able to lead sessions based on using tools and fire, which adds a new element to our teaching.

I believe this is a new chapter in Enrichment at GANF and an amazing opportunity to offer the pupils.  A Forest School is a vessel for all types of learners to discover, experience and develop themselves and others through the means of the natural environment. I can’t wait to see the results.”

Congratulations once again to Mr Bogumsky!

Look out for more Forest School updates in the future.