Halloween Fun

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Twickenham Class held their very own Halloween party at the end of last term, focusing on traditional games, decorations, a disco and some gruesome food!

The ‘Gruesome’ Menu designed by the children included:

Bloody, chopped off finger rollsIMG 1304pumpkin

Frozen witches' hands

Zombies' fingers

Jack-o-lantern Jaffa Cakes

Dried witches' lips

Radioactive sweets  

Old dry goblin poops


Mr Fielding even made an appearance to take part in the Zombie Brain Bobbing (apple bobbing complete with Trolls’ toenails aka – pumpkin seeds!!) The pupils donned swimming hats and goggles to partake in the fun but Mr Fielding declined the use of swimming aids (pictured).

Duncan IMG 1310 halloween