Anti-bullying Week 2015

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Nationally Anti-bullying week took place on 16th to 20th November. At GANF we held a few activities in school to raise awareness of this and pupils took part in an anti-bullying competition, each pupil coloured in a flag to use as bunting. 
A Sandon pupil, Freddie Hill submitted an entry into 'The Day Magazine's' writing competition. The competition was asking for children's own opinions and experiences of bullying and what can be done to improve awareness in schools.
Freddie has received acknowledgment of his entry with some feedback saying it was 'a thoughtful and moving piece'.  The results of the competition will be announced soon, good luck Freddie!
Ann White, Principal in charge of Schools, "Freddie put together a very thoughtful and personal piece of writing, everyone who has read it has been very proud of his efforts".
Click here to read Freddie's competition entry.
To find out more about the competition follow this link: