Hygiene Week at Ambergate

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Hygiene week was held recently at Ambergate, delivered by the Safeguarding and Pastoral Team and involving the whole school.

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Trent, Twickenham and Wembley classes all took part in 'Tooth Defenders’ workshops. Pupils learned how to have a healthy smile and the importance of brushing their teeth. During the workshop all pupils received a 'Bright Smiles Pack' which included toothbrush, toothpaste and a tooth brushing chart; pupils that complete a week of their tooth brushing chart will also receive a ‘Tooth Defenders’ certificate. 

Trent and Twickenham had a visit from Appoline Dentist Practice in Grantham. Pupils got the chance to brush some giant pretend teeth, learning how to brush their teeth properly. They also learned about the good and bad foods for their teeth and carried out an experiment with an egg in a can of coke that highlighted the effect fizzy drinks has on our teeth. All pupils from these classes and Wembley class, received a toothbrush pre-filled with toothpaste.

A selection of classes across Lower School and Upper School including Silverstone, Lansdowne, Cadwell and Ascot, participated in the 'Black Light Experiment' emphasising the importance of washing our hands properly - This involved pupils using a UV reactive lotion on their hands and then putting them under the UV black light. Any germs showed up in a white colour (often little dots but smeared in the dirtier cases!!) and highlighted to pupils dirtier areas such as; nails, between the fingers and wrists!! All pupils were really engrossed in this experiment and could not believe the germs that were on what they thought were clean hands! Pupils were so engaged that we also tested tables and door handles to highlight the germs.  

A coffee morning was also held with a raffle prize on offer for parents who attended the event. Congratulations to Mrs Mitchell who took away the raffle prize! 

A selection of year 10's and 11's also attended a Chlamydia presentation promoting safe sex and awareness of Chlamydia. In this they learned about the symptoms, importance of being aware, how to order a test, how to take a test, and who to contact for advice.