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LEARN Teaching School Alliance is a new teaching school having gained accreditation in September 2015.

GANF's two 'outstanding' schools; Sandon School and Ambergate Sports College lead the teaching school. Working alongside and in collaboration with the other teaching schools within Lincolnshire they will develop the following areas (known as The Big Six):

  1. Training new entrants to the profession
  2. Leading professional development
  3. Developing leadership potential
  4. Providing support to other schools
  5. Designating and deploying Specialist Leaders of Education.
  6. Engaging in research and development

LEARN specialises in all areas of Special Educational Needs and as such their aim is to support all schools to ensure that all pupils within Lincolnshire who have SEN receive an outstanding education.

If you would like to find out more please email orenquiries@learnteachingschool.co.uk or telephone 01476 515322 or visit the LEARN website at http://www.learnteachingschool.co.uk/