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At Sandon School we are looking into life cycles within science lessons, in particular life cycles of chickens and butterfly’s.

Rather than showing our pupils on the internet, we really wanted to bring the science curriculum to life.

In order to achieve this, we have hired a chicken incubator and several indoor butterfly gardens, to enable our pupils across all the key stages to see new life emerging before their eyes, helping them to gain an understanding of life cycles first hand!

We strongly believe these activities will greatly enhance our pupils learning and knowledge of science and life cycles and thanks to The Edina Trust for funding this project, the Butterfly Gardens and the Chicken incubator have now arrived!

ButterflysIMG 2923

  • Ash class are thrilled with the arrival of their Indoor Butterfly Garden! They now have 9 caterpillars living in their classroom. The children are fascinated by them and have been busy naming them all, they are called:

Rachel, Kate, Turnip, Tory, Sharon, Bethany, Ash, Sandra and Lewis.

  • 9 chrysalis have formed, the chiuldren are so excited!

Once they become butterflies the children plan is to set them free into the sensory garden.


IMG 3291  IMG 3342


IMG 2909

  • The pupils have been so excited about the arrival of the chicken incubator at Sandon! Joe Booker from Rand Farm Park (pictured with Acting Principal, Sara Ellis) delivered 7 different varieties of eggs for the children to study and look after over the next 21 days. 
  • ALL 7 eggs have hatched!!!





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