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Wednesday 6th July

After an extremely early start we all arrived tired but excited at Stansted airport. We checked in our bags, went through security with no major issues and bought a sandwich, crisps and a drink for breakfast. The flight was on time and we arrived in Memmingen 20 minutes early.

Soon, Burkhard and Tanja were on hand to take us to our final destination for the coming week: Weingarten. Once we had taken up our quarter on the top floor of the school, we had lunch and after that a well earned rest. Later on that evening, for dinner we were treated to a barbecue and sampled German sausages called Bratwurst and many different salads prepared by teachers from KBZO. We were joined by some staff and students and had a great time. Tired but happy we went to bed, thinking of what tomorrow would bring...

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Thursday 7th July:

On Thursday morning we had an early start as lessons here at KBZO begin at 8.30am. After breakfast and shower we all assembled outside the staff room where we were split into three different groups. One joined a German class for their English and Cookery lesson, another experienced a Circus project with lots of different activities such as juggling, balancing, plate spinning and games. The third group got treated to a visit to the school farm. Everyone had a great time and it was nice to see our students "mingle" with the young people from KBZO. We all met back for lunch and after break time ventured on a town trail through Weingarten with our German friends. This conveniently ended at the local ice cream parlour and everyone enjoyed a well earned treat sampling the many varieties on offer. The blue "Schlumpf" (smurf in English) flavour was particularly popular! Afterwards we headed back to school for a home cooked dinner and an early night....

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Friday 8th July:

Another early start this morning but we are definitely getting better at it... Once again we joined lesson in different groups: PE, where students played dodgeball, another English lesson and some were lucky enough to join in a DT lesson using a saw, screwdriver, a drill and also an electric screwdriver to make a wooden seat for the playground. Afterwards we were invited to a presentation about Claude Dornier which was prepared by a group of German students. They showed us pictures of Friedrichshafen which is right next to Lake Constance and of the actual Dornier Museum which we were going to visit in the afternoon.

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After lunch we headed off to the bus station to catch the bus to Ravensburg. From there we continued our journey by train and finally arrived at the museum. There we had a look at different aeroplanes, boat planes and helicopters, some of them we could even go into and have a good look around. We rounded off the day with an ice cream at the museum cafe. This is located with a view of the airfield and we were able to see different planes taking off and landing and also admire a Zeppelin which was moored at the other side of the airfield.

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Saturday 9th July:

Today we had a big day ahead of us. After everyone had prepared their own packed lunch we were headed for Immenstadt which is about an hour's drive away from Weingarten. Our destination: a mountain in the beautiful landscape of Bavaria! Whilst most of us braved the chairlift to the top, Mr Walker, Naomi and Austin decided to embark on the hour long hike to the rest station near the top. Once everyone had arrived, we all made the rest of the journey on foot and finally enjoyed a picnic at 1200 m height.

The way down had a special treat in store: a toboggan ride! This was a truly amazing experience for those who braved it, Chloe and Ryan particularly enjoyed the ride!!! Once everyone had arrived safely back at the starting point, students and staff explored the souvenir shop before heading back to Weingarten. As if the day had not been fantastic enough, we decided to round it off with a visit to the Outdoor Swimming Pool. Everyone was definitely ready to cool off after a hot day and a great time was had by all having a good old splash about and many rides down the waterslide.


Sunday 10th July:

It may be Sunday today, but that did not mean we were ready for a day of rest... Today we were going to visit a local theme park called "Spieleland". The attractions here are all based on the different games and characters of the "Ravensburger" Company. There was just sooo much to do!

To begin with everyone embarked on steam train Eliza and had a guided trip around the park with commentary provided by "Captain Blaubär", one of the park's mascots. After that everyone was headed for the Alpine Water Ride and our adrenaline junkies thoroughly enjoyed getting wet (some more than others...) Other popular attractions and rides were the toboggan ride and water slide as well as a rodeo ride on the bucking broncos. Others enjoyed boat rides, gold washing and visiting the petting zoo. To round off the day we all went out for dinner and tucked in to the local speciality called "Schni-Po", short for Schnitzel mit Pommes or pork escalopes with chips.

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Monday 11th July:

Today we got up at 7 o’clock to get ready to meet up with our friends from KBZO and walk into town to watch the Weingarten annual parade. This was an amazing experience as all the floats represented local trade and traditional costumes were worn, the drums and brass bands played and all enjoyed the music. Naomi was happy because there were lots of horses in the parade! The children from all the local schools were given a theme and were dressed accordingly. We saw some of our friends from KBZO taking part in the parade too. Afterwards we walked to the fairground where we had a token each for a hotdog. Some of us went back to school to do some baking for tomorrow's coffee shop and others had some rides at the fairground. We then all went home for spaghetti bolognese cooked by Mr.Walker and Miss Doughty and afterwards had an early evening walk into town.

Tuesday 12th July

We woke up to a rainy day, the first rain since we have been here. Our last day has been as busy as ever, we had lessons in the morning, PE , English and coffee shop, some of us also made our own lunch today, hamburgers, tomato and mozarella and fruit salad. Charlie was very proud of the tomato and mozarella and enjoyed eating it!

After lunch, we had a short rest before heading into town. We spent some time in the Weingarten Basilica and the students took photos and admired the beautiful church. We then went to the ice cream parlour for the last time and did some last bits of shopping before returning home for dinner and ready to pack our cases for home! 

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