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The students are “loving it!”

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As part of our work experience programme at GANF, we have introduced employment visits where students get the opportunity to visit local employers to find out more about job opportunities. 

During November we took a group of students to Grantham McDonalds Restaurant. The students had a behind the scenes tour looking at the storage, preparation and serving of the food. The students learned all about the daily workings of a McDonalds as well as all the ethical aspects of the company, including their charity work, which they all found really interesting. 

We would like to thank the staff at McDonalds for making the students feel so welcome, resulting in such a successful visit. Below are comments from some of the students who attended: 


Shannon – “I liked seeing behind the scenes and looking at all the ingredients.” 

Matthew – “I loved finding out about how old chip oils are then used as fuel for the McDonald’s lorries!” 

Kyland – “I liked seeing them prepare all the food.”

Joshua - "I really enjoyed being there and looking at the "behind the scenes" type of thing and seeing what it would be like to work there."


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