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Earlier in the term during Ambergate's Girls Club, a simple fudge making activity evolved into a fudge making business plan!

The girls came up with the excellent idea of making fudge and selling it as gifts around school. In order to make it a success the girls did some market research, establishing the most popular flavours of fudge. This was then followed by some budgeting and research into the most cost effective fudge method.  

With their fudge making plan complete, the girls agreed that Open Day would be the perfect opportunity to pilot a fudge stall. Three weeks before Open Day the girls made their first practice batch; Oreo white chocolate. Unfortunately the batch didn’t turn out as planned as it had not set. Ambergate staff and Girls Club obviously had to eat this first batch to ensure there was no waste!! Apart from the look of the unset fudge, the feedback was very positive!  

fudgeThe girls then had the task of adapting their recipe in order to create better setting fudge and they did this with ease! A brand new batch of milk chocolate fudge and batch of white chocolate fudge was then made ready for open day.

The girls then set about their marketing, agreeing on a price and creating posters to advertise. In total the girls created 18 bags of fudge raising a total of £15.60! All of which will go towards their own personal budget to manage for Girls Club resources and treats!  

As well as the fudge, Ambergate Girls Club were also selling bags of homemade Christmas gift tags, all of which were very popular! In order to continue their business plan, the girls are also in the early stages of planning a fudge and Christmas tag stall to take place at the Christmas Church Services, so please keep a look out for that! 

Girls Club would like to say a big thank you to everyone who bought bags of fudge and Christmas tags from Open Day, we hope you enjoyed them!