Frankenstein Project continued...

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Following on from our initial visits in November from The Box Clever Theatre Company, GANF students were then invited to attend ‘The Gathering.’  

‘The Gathering’ was a special workshop held at Riverhead Theatre in Louth.

The workshop involved students from each of the participating schools - Haven High Academy, King Edward VI Grammar School and Ambergate Sports College.  The students were assessed and marks were given at the end of the first stage of the project.

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The Box Clever team had already visited each of the schools to begin the process of adapting the novel into a 60 minute adaptation for the stage. The special workshop in Louth provided an opportunity for the company to present the first few pages of the emerging draft.

The students also had the opportunity to collaborate with their counterparts from the partner schools to develop the script further and to critique what had been achieved to date.

It was a fun, informative and rewarding session.

Artistic Director, Michael Wicherek said, "I really enjoyed the gathering in Louth. The GANF students were brilliant in throwing themselves into the workshop. I am so pleased the school is involved".

Box Clever Theatre Group returned on Thursday 9th February to work with our students on the newly written script. The purpose of the workshop was for the students to read through, act out and give their feedback on the first draft of the play script. All students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop especially when they got to learn some real stage combat from a professional actor. Frankenstein

On Tuesday 7th March a group of upper school students travelled to the Riverhead Theatre in Louth to watch the first rehearsed reading of Frankenstein, along with students from two other Lincolnshire schools. The students were able to watch the script they have helped produce, read by professional actors, along with music and sound effects.

Needless to say the group of students were transfixed for the full hour and 15 minutes! The reading was followed by an active discussion where the students gave their feedback.

The next stage of the project will be in September when the students will see a professional rehearsal of the play and see how movement and dance has been incorporated. They will also get an insight into the role of a professional actor and director.

This project aims to further enhance the student’s knowledge of the English and Drama curriculum, focussing on self-confidence, team work, empathy and employability skills.

With special thanks to the Box Clever team: Michael Wicherek, David Ajao, Aryana Ramkhalawon, Dominic Fell, Rob Welling.

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