World Book Day 2017

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Today is World Book Day so the students and members of staff have dressed up as their favourite book character to celebrate!

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The £1 donation that is made by each person dressing up is given to Book Aid International, a fantastic charity dedicated to changing lives through books.

Every year Book Aid International send half a million books to community, public, school and academic libraries in 12 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, to increase access to the best quality books in some of the poorest areas of the world. Over three hundred thousand of these books are destined for use by primary and secondary school aged children.

Across GANF we have raised over £100 today, so a big thank you and well done to everybody who took part!

We have also participated in The Fantastic Where’s Wally? GANF school search. Wally was hidden in school and students were asked to try and find him. If they were successful, they received an ‘I found Wally’ card and a certificate.

Other activities taking place included writing book reviews, sensory stories, designing book marks and shared reading. Some classes have completed reading challenges and read books in the most weird and wonderful places in and around school. The pupils have researched books that they can purchase with their book tokens and visited the World Book Day website. They have also listened to and read some of the stories that are on the website.

World Book Day has also marked the day we kick off our Readathon! GANF take part in Readathon every year, it gets children excited about reading and results in hospitals across the UK receiving regular deliveries of brand new books from The Readathon Charity, reaching 100,000 hospitalised children each year.

Today has been a huge success and has been enjoyed by pupils and staff alike!