Pupils assess the teaching at GANF

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IMG 1581On Tuesday 28th February the Ambergate School Council had the opportunity to assess the teaching at the school.

‘Learning Walks’ were timetabled around the site, which gave the pupils opportunities to look around other classes while lessons were being taught, to observe and ask questions, and to think about areas of strengths and areas for improvement.

Ambergate School Council members, Reegan, Joshua, JJ, Shannon, Aden, Kyle, Jon, Charlotte, Josh, William, Nathan and Ebonie-Mae, and Head Boy and Head Girl - Lucas and Chloe were accompanied around by Miss Chapman to classes of their choice, to assess the classroom environment along with the teaching that was happening at the time.

Head Boy Lucas said, “I liked how the teachers got the children to engage, they were very settled in class”, and School Council member JJ stated that, “I found the classrooms very interactive”.

At the end of the ‘Learning Walk’ pupils were invited to give their opinions on the strengths in each class and the areas to be improved upon. The pupils offered praise for Ambergate’s strengths in areas such as:IMG 1579

  • Colourful displays
  • Pupil engagement
  • Planned work being followed
  • Teachers noticing things quickly

The areas in which the School Council felt Ambergate could improve on were:

  • Different classroom furniture
  • Reminding pupils not to shout out
  • There are too many rules which makes it harder to concentrate
  • Activities as well, something like a fun starter activity

IMG 1582Also attending on the day was Chair of Governors Pam Powell and Parent Governor Katie Bennington who said, “It was really nice to see the pupils involved and offer their ideas”.

Later that day Sandon School 'Learning Walks' took place. Oliver, Thomas and Jack from the school council were given the choice of classes to observe.

The pupils found the experience very useful and Jack said, "It was good to see how other teachers teach".

After the 'Learning Walks' at Sandon the pupils sat down together and discussed what they had observed.

Areas that they felt were strengths were: 

  • A good lesson with lots to do
  • Lots of different things to do

Along with this areas for improvement were identified by the pupils as:

  • Could use more signing
  • Could do with more Teaching Assistants

Oliver said about the 'Learning Walk', "It was good to see everyone working and what they were doing, and Thomas said, "I liked seeing what was going on around school".

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