Eco Day 2017

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Pupils develop their knowledge of being Eco friendlyEco 1

On Friday 10th March GANF pupils and staff at GANF took part in “ECO Day”.

Eco-Schools empowers pupils to make positive change engaging millions of children across different countries, making it the largest environmental schools programme in the world.

Environmental charity ‘Keep Britain Tidy’ is the Eco-Schools National Operator for England. The programme provides a framework for learning and action around topics that include energy, litter, healthy living and waste.

Across both sites at GANF pupils spent the day learning about recycling, how it works and how to be more eco-friendly in school, our homes and gardens.

Eco 2Orchard Class made bird feeders using lard, seed, oats and raisins. They also made bottle gardens using pebbles compost and water. The pupil’s had great fun being hands on and making things that can be used in their outside area.

It was a busy day in the Oak Class recycling centre!  Pupil’s had to sort all types of differentEco 3 items into the right section before they could be recycled.  They recycled bottles to make planters and planted some bulbs.  Let’s hope they grow!

Cherry class also explored a wide range of household items that can be recycled.

Twickenham class completed a school eco survey, touring around the Ambergate site and learning about how we can be more eco-friendly.

GANF’s British Values' topic for this week included discussions about food safety and food wasting which is tied closely with the Eco Day.

The pupils enjoyed researching and talking about the topic in more detail. They have been playing games to test their knowledge of waste and recycling.

In upper schools ICT lesson, students created a Power Point Presentation that informs others about food waste, recycling, saving electricity and reducing emission on cars. The pupils were surprised to find out that transport represents almost a quarter of Europe's greenhouse gas emissions and is the main cause of air pollution in cities. 

Throughout the school the pupils watched video clips about energy, litter, waste, water, global citizenship and healthy living. Besides finding it quite scary just how polluted our planet is, Nathan from St Andrews Class suggested, “If everybody just made a little conscious effort to take care of our planet, it could slow down the pollution a lot”. 

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