Firefighters Visit GANF

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IMG 0003Firefighters from Grantham’s fire station visited Ambergate this week. This was organised as part of the students BTEC Public Services programme of study.                   

Four firefighters, Pete, Clive, Adam and Craig were absolutely brilliant with the pupils, engaging them for over 45 minutes in a discussion about the role of a firefighter during and outside of emergencies, as well as talking through the importance of public services such as fire & rescue. 

The pupils asked a lot of questions, including how public funding works to ensure the smooth running of the public services.

IMG 0013In addition to the discussion, the pupils had the opportunity to try on the fire protection outfit as well as explore the fire engine.

Teacher Ms Davidson said, “The pupils were so well behaved! They were truly engaged and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. GANF should be proud of them!”

Later on, the groups who took part in the visit prepared a thank you card for the firefighters who kindly gave up their time to come and talk to them. They all signed the card and most included a sweet little thank you note.IMG 0019