GANF Instructors create software to track and improve pupil’s PE!

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Matt Page and Toby Ellis are both Instructors at GANF Schools.  They have a personal interest in sport and as such have been heavily involved in physical education at GANF.

Matt and Toby decided to create a software package to track pupil’s individual PE performance, with a view to help them improve their performance and get children involved in sport outside of school.

The software is called iCoach4Sport and was built with teachers in mind.icoach4Sport Logo

Matt Page, “Since Toby and I began teaching children ourselves, it became apparent that a system was needed to track progress in PE and the new software has proved to be great for a quick assessment. The addition in the software of parent profiles and community club recommendations is great to include all people and also get children into sport outside of school.”

iCoach4Sport was trialled at GANF Schools in Grantham for 6 months. During this time and with the feedback from other GANF Teachers, the system has been developed to produce the best results for both teacher and pupil. It has proved to be a fantastic addition to GANF’s tools for tracking pupil’s progress.

Ollie Maltby, PE teacher at GANF, “icoach4sport is easy to use and it’s a clear way of showing progression for pupils over a period of time. It tracks the pupil’s development and shows where their strengths are along with areas of improvement, allowing me to tailor my lessons accordingly.”

iCoach4Sport Lincoln CityMatt and Toby’s iCoach4Sport is now being used in schools across Lincolnshire and Lincoln City Football Club have also been using a version of their own.

Matt and Toby designed a bespoke iCoach4Sport system to suit the needs of the Lincoln City managers and players.

Matt Page, “The software has evolved throughout the year and is now a vital part of The Lincoln City Team analysis. It provides elite level stats and is an example of the level of data available for schools. This is especially important when sharing information with external agencies“.

Toby Ellis, “The full results of iCoach4Sport are hard to know at this point but if you look at the results on the pitch at Lincoln City this season, I think we can safely say they've been quite good this year!”

Danny Cowley, Lincoln City FC Manager said about the icoach4sport programme, “Using numbers… it's a self-check isn't it, it's about making sure you're staying focused because sometimes in a game you can get emotional. This is about making sure you are still able to see the game as its happening. I just want football to be a science”.

“I want it black and white, I want to know how to win and what I've got to do to win because I like winning and it makes life better. I don't want it to be an art because art's uncontrollable. I want it to be a science but I want to be able to control it.”

Matt Page added, “Teaching takes up the majority of our time and we both love our jobs at GANF schools. We have a passion for education and PE so we have tried, where we can, to help improve it.”

The system is made easy to use with a 1,2,3 PE approach having lesson plans readily available for teachers, a quick one click assessment and lots of data collated around progression relating to the new National Curriculum.