Ascot Class Presentation

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IMG 3213Ascot pupils have been working extremely hard over the past couple of weeks to prepare for their presentation.

For literacy, pupils wrote a play script based on the story of the three little pigs which they then performed for their parents. Pupils were able to get into character and put on a great, funny performance.

For numeracy, pupils showed parents a variety of photos from their learning of measurement. This included pupils learning how to use a trundle wheel to measure in metres and using measuring jugs to measure the capacity of different containers. Pupils also used their knowledge of measurement to bake flapjacks for their families which were then handed out during the presentation.

Pupils then moved on to discuss what they have been learning in science. Pupils showed parents some posters they made showing the lungs and the dangers of smoking.  

In topic, pupils presented their colourful posters showing the different layers of the rainforest. Pupils were able to talk about the different layers and tell parents what they have learnt.

IMG 3208Finally, pupils made their own Easter cards to give to their families and wrote brilliant acrostic poems inside their cards. Pupils enjoyed reading these to their parents.

It was an excellent morning and parents were very proud to see how their children have grown in confidence.

One parent said “It was lovely to see the pupils helping and supporting each other”

Well done Ascot!