Move Over Mary Berry

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The Great GANF Brownie Bake OffMove over Mary Berry! 

Sixth Form student, Andrew Higgins, went head to head with GANF Director of Education, Claire Buffham, on Thursday 8th June in a Great British Bake Off style competition.

The bake off took place in the Hospitality Class at Sandon School and both contestants were baking Brownies, which are Andrew's specialty! 

Andrew’s class mates were all present (as the audience) and the yummy brownies were judged by Will Scott, Assistant Head from Ambergate, Head Girl Naomi, Head Boy Oliver and parent, Sarah Vidler from FOSA. 

IMG 4071Claire had excellent help from Thomas Clawson as her sous chef!  Claire said that she couldn't have done it without him. 

Andrew was helped on the day by Georgia Broomfield, as his sous chef. 

Both teams made Brownies and were watched by an excited audience. There was a lot of support for both teams.

It was a close call but the winner was finally revealed as Andrew Higgins.  Well done Andrew!  

Claire said “The Great Brownie Bake off was great fun for the whole school, and only slightly stressful for me! Although I did try really hard and had a great sous chef in Thomas, it was a tall ask to produce Brownies to the same quality of Andrews - he was definitely the worthy winner. If you haven’t tasted his brownies, I strongly recommend that you get down to the Jubilee Centre to try them in the coffee shop”.

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