International Day

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As an Outstanding organisation we are always looking for ways to enrich and improve our curriculum. Therefore we are applying for the Intermediate Level of the British Council International School Award.

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The International School Award is goal-based and driven by a global network of people and projects that can support our schools' international activities. It will help us to:

  • Enrich the curriculum and improve teaching by introducing and embedding international activities across the whole school
  • Become part of a global network of international educators open to collaboration and shared learning opportunities
  • Gain recognition for and promote our international work, making it more attractive to students, parents and teachers.

We are already in a very good position working with our partner school in Germany and we are planning to introduce many other activities to enhance our curriculum. One of them was to hold our first ‘International Day’.

We held ‘International Day’ on Friday 23rd June and it proved a great success for all our students. Its aim was to bring awareness of our diverse and rich European cultures.  Please see some pictures below of the event:

IMG 8288     IMG 8332     IMG 8337     IMG 8376

IMG 0217     IMG 3217     IMG 1879     IMG 3234