The Lincolnshire Show 2017

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ls2GANF pupils attended The Lincolnshire Show this year.

Each year, pupils from GANF take part in the Lincolnshire Show’s Schools' Challenge and Wembley Class had been looking forward to taking part.

The pupils began preparing for their project weeks ago, they decided to research the topic of ‘Healthy Eating’.  Their project title was called ‘My Healthy School’, and some of their methods included internet research to find the following useful websites:

In addition to this, the class decided it would be good to explore a variety of non-fiction books and magazines, to help them with their research for the project. The books they all particularly liked were called:

'From farms to you'

'Kid's kitchen'

‘Real food'

'Healthy lunchboxes for kids'

'Fruit and vegetables'

Luckily, the pupils were also able to study their project topic during their regular lessons. During Science they had been learning about keeping healthy and in DT they had covered specialist diets as well as exercise in PSHE. Everything they had learnt within these lessons supported them with their ideas for their big project.

Once research methods had been decided and started, the pupils then had to plan their campaign. They shared the Healthy Schools project with the school during an assembly, this was to make everyone aware of the importance of healthy living and to get them motivated.

The pupils also spent time going around school speaking to different pupils and members of staff about the project, this helped them to have even more conversations for change and made people more aware.

Pupils also handed out healthy living leaflets and shared their knowledge with parents and carers when they visited school for our Open Day. This was also a great opportunity to start conversations for change. Additionally, they also encouraged the whole school to visit our school garden regularly.

Pupils then split into three groups, one group focused on healthy breakfast, another on healthy snacks and another on exercise. Part of this work involved making banana pops and rainbow fruit skewers, which were taken to the show as tasters!

All pupils worked really hard on their Lincolnshire Show project.  All of their work was created into a PowerPoint with lots of evidence including a large variety of photographs, was presented to the judges. 

The GANF pupils should all be very proud of what they all achieved!

lsStudents from across GANF visited the Lincolnshire Show on Wednesday 21st June and Thursday 22nd June.  The judges were delighted with the Ambergate Wembley Class entry into the Competition and they won a 3rd place, highly commended certificate, for their excellent delivery of their PowerPoint.

After their presentation and lunch, both students and staff toured the show taking in the many interesting shows and attractions.