GANF Pupils Arrive in Germany!

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IMG 2530GANF pupils arrive in Germany!

A few weeks ago the pupils of GANF set up a sponsored ‘virtual trip’ from their sites in Grantham to their partner school in Germany, KBZO.

Using their new facility of an adapted Gym on site at Ambergate, as well as walking in the community, swimming & running, the Sandon and Ambergate pupils have completed the 800 mile trip!!

IMG 2633Their progress has been mapped along the way through the GANF Facebook page and each week a running total of how far the pupils had travelled, along with photos, has been displayed showing all the different ways the children have taken part.

Mr Maltby, who set the virtual trip up said, “It has been fantastic to see all the children taking part and being active within the school day. The pupils have been excited to go out and add up the total distances they have travelled”.

DSC07431The virtual trip was set up as a sponsored event to raise money for FOSA, the school fundraising team. We are still collecting the sponsorship forms in so will announce the amount raised soon.

Well done to all the pupils from both Sandon and Ambergate! Outstanding effort!