German Exchange

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Postcard from Germany...

An intrepid team of GANF explorers have recently returned from our hugely popular annual exchange trip to Germany. Eleven pupils and four staff members spent the first week in July visiting the KBZO School in Weingarten, Germany. 

One highlight of the trip was a day at Freidrichshafen, a beautiful lakeside town, famous for its tower and magnificent views. The local market and many cafés offered everyone the chance to soak up and sample German hospitality at its best. Teacher, James Ryan said, “The people are so friendly here and have been very welcoming.”

The pupils used public transport during their stay and they particularly enjoyed using the double-decker trains. 

They also needed a head for heights learning about Germany’s aeronautical history, visiting the Zeppelin Museum and Factory and the Dornier museum. They saw war planes and satellites close-up and sat inside a huge “Huey” helicopter.

A drive over the boarder into Austria was another big hit and offered everyone a really big challenge. The Pfander mountain loomed large at 1064 metres above sea level. They were up to the challenge and with aching legs the pupils and teachers reached the summit to enjoy a fantastic view.

The GANF party returned home on Tuesday 9th July.