GANF Triumph in Spalding

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teamThe Spalding Priory School 2 v 9 Ambergate Sports College

Once again Ambergate travelled to Spalding to play The Priory School and came out on top with an impressive attacking display.

The players knew exactly what to expect as they had previously travelled to The Priory School in similar conditions; wet, muddy and a bigger pitch compared to Ambergate's astro turf.

The team prepared excellently with the kit and equipment being laid out in the changing rooms the night before.

IMG 2952The game started at a very quick tempo and it wasn't long before Ambergate had scored their first goal through a string of precise passes and a smart finish from Tyler Wakefield. For many of the players, an 11 a side game was very new to them and understanding positioning on a larger pitch was something which they have never had to think about before. It didn’t take long for the senior members of the team, such as Nathan Weston, Tyler Wakefield and Sam Pell to organise everyone and make sure that everyone was familiar with their role within the team.

It didn’t take long for The Priory School to hit back with a goal of their own after a smart ball over the top of Ambergate’s defence, which was blasted into the back of the net by their winger. 1-1 and the game quickly slowed down. Ambergate were still able to move the ball around quickly and create lots of opportunities for Reggie Wedge who was the lone striker up front. His attacking display reminded Mr Maltby of Ruud Van Nistelrooy who would rarely move or shoot outside of the penalty area.

The Priory school entered Ambergate’s defensive third on many occasions however a brilliant display from Sam Pell, who was Man of the Match from the previous meeting, showed excellent maturity and a brilliant understanding of the game to nullify many opportunities. Excellent defensive play turned into waves of attack. Goals went flying into the back of the net and it wasn’t long before half time came around. Not much was needed to be said. Mr Maltby emulated Jose Mourinho by praising the team for the efforts and asked them to continue, then left to take up his position at the side of the pitch.

The second half was much of the same with excellent defending and more chances being created. A pick of the second half goals was Lewis Blackburn’s screamer into the top corner from distance after stealing the ball from the opposition and tackling it past a couple of players.

IMG 2950An excellent display from start to finish. Congratulations to all the players for representing the school and showing exceptional sportsmanship.

Mr Maltby said, “A brilliant attacking game from the very start. Everyone enjoyed participating in the game scoring lots of individual and team goals. Well done to Jonathan Mitchell and Lewis Blackburn for excellent goals”.


-          Tyler Wakefield x2

-          Lewis Blackburn x2

-          Jonathan Mitchell x 1

-          Reggie Wedge x 1

-          Matthew Wright x 1

-          Ryan Caven x 1

-          Nathan Weston x 1

Team - Lucas Wilson, Nathan Weston, Sam Pell, Lewis Blackburn (C), Reggie Wedge, Matthew Wright, Matthew Cartwright, Ryan Caven, Jonathan Mitchell, Freddie Haude, Tyler Wakefield, Jon Cronin, Michael Chinn

Man of the Match - Sam Pell

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