GANF celebrate Christmas International Day

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international2 2017On 18th December 2017, both Ambergate & Sandon Schools engaged in International Day with a focus on how countries celebrate Christmas. Pupils received opportunities to use their senses to participate in activities that are associated with different countries.

At Ambergate, examples included American sports with Mr Maltby, meeting the Queen with Mrs Bond, making handprint wreaths with Mr Ellis, and designing lanterns for a festival with Miss Chapman.

At Sandon, examples included tasting Chinese foods in Cherry Class, tasting Korean foods in Ash Class, and role playing French traditions in Oak Class.

Classes across GANF chose which country they wanted to represent with Sandon School selecting countries such as Brazil, India and Spain, and Ambergate selected France and Mexico, amongst others.

Using their ‘passports’, in the afternoon, pupils had an opportunity to visit other countries and see how that country celebrated Christmas.

Here are a few examples of some of the activities the children could take part in:

In India (Hospitality), Harvinder taught her class how to make a traditional Indian potato curry and each student also made their own naan bread to eat with it.

In Brazil, Horticulture learnt how important the story of the Nativity is to Brazilians and created a nativity scene themselves.

In France, Oak Class were learning through role play, about Pere Noel and how French children put their shoes out for him to place either sweets for the ‘good’ children and twigs for the ‘bad’.

In Poland, Beech Class pupils made a traditional Polish decoration out of straws.

In Japan, Pine Class learnt about the difference between Japanese Christmas dinner and a traditional British one, and tried some Japanese fried chicken.

The day was enjoyed by both staff and pupils. This is also going to contribute to future stages of accreditation in the International School Award.

We all had a great time at Christmas International Day and hope to do it again next year! Merry Christmas!!

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