Interesting Reading!

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3This term Mrs Pell’s, upper school English group is taking part in a reading project. Each week two students from the group read a children’s story of their choice to lower school students in Trent Bridge class. The aim of the project is to increase the students’ speaking and listening skills, focussing on volume, character and projection. The students are learning the importance of using an enthusiastic and interesting tone of voice to keep the younger children engaged. Essential employability skills will also be incorporated, including being a positive role model, open body language and good eye-contact.

Matthew and Kian were the first students to read to Trent, Miss Winter (observing) said “they both spoke with good expression, they used open and warm body language which meant that the children felt comfortable to move closer to the book and ask questions. Both the older and younger students clearly enjoyed the experience”.

Matthew said “I really liked reading to the children, it was really nice to see them enjoy the story and be happy because I was reading to them”.

picKian said “I learnt that it is important to show the children the pictures in the book as they like to look at them and it helps them understand what is going on in the story. I definitely want to read to them again”.