Eco Day at GANF

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IMG 1432Friday 9th March 2018 was Eco Day across GANF Schools.

Sandon School

Caring for the Environment and all who live in it

The day started with a visit from Barry who works for Zoolab. Barry brought five different animals with him and told us how these animals need looking after, where they live and what kinds of foods they eat.

First was Deidre the Giant African Snail. Barry gave her a little shower to wake her up and then we all got to feel her smooth shell and her slimy body. Then we met Max the Millipede. He was a Giant African Millipede and he had about 150 legs! They were very tickly. Gary the Gecko was next. We learned that in the wild if Gary felt threatened then he would shed his tail and grow a new one! He had a very cheeky face and looked like he was smiling at us. Then we met Sophie who was a corn snake. Some of us got to hold her and we were surprised at how cold she felt. Lastly we met Raquel the Rat who was only 8 weeks old. She was very soft to stroke. All of the students engaged in the session and were keen to meet the animals. The looks of surprise and enjoyment on their faces were priceless.


For the rest of the day students completed different activities that all had an eco-friendly theme.

IMG 8621Willow Class made junk monsters and bird feeders with the help of some of the older students.

Cherry Class made musical shakers using plastic bottles, and enjoyed exploring different ‘junk’ materials in their Tuff Spot.

Beech Class enjoyed junk modelling and making musical instruments with recycled materials.

Oak Class made their own bird feeders using old milk bottles and hung them up in the playground to attract birds and other wildlife.

Apple Class planted seeds with the help of Jo and two students from Horticulture Class.

Pine Class also planted seeds with Jo and the Horticulture students. They enjoyed feeling the soil when it was dry and then when it was wet.

Ash Class enjoyed junk modelling using all of the recycled materials they had collected.

Hospitality students made bird feeders and hung them in the Sensory Garden.

Horticulture students acted as the Eco Team helping Jo to prepare resources and support other students in school.

All of the students took part in the day and learned how to keep our school an Eco friendly place.

Some of the feedback from staff included:

“The activities were available to all regardless of students’ ability, with the chance to work in large or small groups”

IMG 8671“Zoolab really engaged the pupils”

“There were lots of interesting activities to raise awareness for Eco Day”

“There were plenty of activities that were made accessible to each child and class”

Some of the feedback from students included:

“I liked all of the animals that Barry brought in”

“I liked being able to hold the snake”

“I learnt about what we can recycle”

Ambergate Sports College

Ambergate also celebrated Eco Day on Friday 9th March with a variety of activities.

Zoolab worked with all tutor groups throughout the day for a ten minute session to discuss and handle reptile animals.

The pupils also had a planned Eco activity with their form tutor. These activities included making recyclable instruments, bird feeders and junk models to understand how we can protect our world to make it a cleaner place and how materials can be reused within our projects and learning.

Many thanks to Mrs Morgan for organising Zoolab into GANF as it allowed children to explore different animals and ask questions appropriately.

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