Dinosaur Day

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dino3Ambergate Lower School participated in a Dinosaurs & Explorers Day this month. Pupils engaged in a carousel of activities including dinosaur maths, making a dinosaur mask, a dinosaur hunt, making fossils and engaging in an archaeological dig for bones!  

During the afternoon, we welcomed Teach Rex, an animatronic dinosaur!  Rex came into school for the pupils to engage with and they learned all about the history of dinosaurs, their anatomy and different types of dinosaurs. The pupils also played some games including the dinosaur finding its food behind a pupil, pretending to eat the children and we ended it with some photographs of the children and staff.


This fantastic day was all made possible because Mr Buckberry won an online competition at the start of 2018, to enhance our curriculum and bring an element of awe and wonder to assist with the transitions to our new classrooms too. The staff had to keep it a surprise from the children to ensure it created an outstanding learning environment throughout the school. 

Mr Buckberry said, “I thought it would a great opportunity for the children to learn about dinosaurs, as many classes have completed or are currently studying life about animals. I was so pleased to win the competition! The Teach Rex videos and pictures online got me excited to learn, so I knew this would be perfect for our pupils.” 

Thank you to Mr Buckberry, Teach Rex, and all the staff, for giving the pupils such a wonderful day.

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