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fair tradeJack O’Dell, from Grantham’s Fairtrade Committee, came into Sandon School during Lower and Upper School assembly recently, to talk to the students about the school’s Fairtrade work they’ve been doing.

During Fairtrade fortnight, both Sandon and Ambergate Schools worked together to make a Fairtrade recipe booklet and each class submitted a Fairtrade recipe. This book was sold to the community and profits went towards serving Fairtrade tea at GANF’s coffee shop, along with a donation to the Fairtrade organisation. The recipe book went on to be shared with GANF’s partnership school, KBZO, a German special needs school, where they have now tried out some of the GANF Fairtrade recipes at their coffee shop too. The schools also had a Fairtrade coffee morning and a coffee shop on wheels where they visited local care homes with Fairtrade goods.

Jack and the Fairtrade committee were delighted by the recipe book and Jack brought in presents for the students to thank them: some cooking equipment and some Fairtrade biscuits. The students remembered Jacki from his talk during Fairtrade fortnight during Upper School assembly on the importance of Fairtrade. Jack said he felt ‘honoured’ to be invited to the school again and to see the international work they are doing.

Both schools plan to apply for the British Council International full award in the next few weeks and their Fairtrade work will play a key part in this.

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