Sandon Twitchers!

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rspbJack O’Dell is a member of the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds) and visited Sandon recently to talk to the students during an assembly about the RSPB and the work they do with birds.

This assembly was very important as it links to our journey towards our Green Flag Eco Award. One of the topics we are focussing on now is Biodiversity and so learning about different kinds of birds was really helpful. Jack showed us pictures of different types of birds, including robins, blue tits, blackbirds and ducks. We talked about what the different types of birds like to do and eat, and we talked about the difference between male and female birds.

Jack told us to close our eyes, he then played us some different birdsongs. Chris correctly guessed that the first one was a blue tit! Jack had four different bird toys that played birdsong when pressed. We listened to each one. We all had a look at the birds and talked about the colours.

Afterwards, Jack asked if there were any questions.

The students asked, ‘How long have you been birdwatching?’ ‘What is your favourite bird?’ and ‘Why don’t we hear song thrushes anymore?’

Jack said he was in a birdwatching society at school so he had been birdwatching for a long time! His favourite birds are robins and blackbirds because he sees them in his garden at home. Jack explained that we don’t hear song thrushes anymore as they are decreasing in number, but he was not sure why. He said that song thrushes are quite shy and they break open snail shells to eat them!

Jack’s talk was very interesting and informative, and we would like to thank him very much for coming in to see the children. 

The assembly has been especially helpful, as Sandon’s Eco Club are arranging a Bird and Bug Hunt at Sandon, week beginning the 9th July 2018. Jack said he would be very interested to see the results and said that we could see lots of different birds and bugs if we all look closely enough.

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