‘Construction Day’ at Lincolnshire Showground

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IMG 0976Pathways pupils cram their days full learning new skills!

Day One

On Wednesday 3rd October 2018 Horticulture Class visited the Lincolnshire Showground for the Construction Day event. We were given a timetable of events to complete throughout the day. On arrival we were each given a high-vis vest to wear.

Our first activity was with a company called Balfour Beatty who work in construction. Our task was to design a bridge strong enough to hold a toy car up. We split into two groups to design our bridges before taking turns to build them using newspaper and cardboard tubes. Both team’s bridges were a success!

Next we worked with a company called Tomlinson. They taught us how to prepare doors for hanging, how to change locks on a door and how to hang doors! The students were given a pair of gloves and goggles and were able to use electronic screwdrivers to fix the screws. Some of the students showed great promise and skill.

After lunch, staff members from West Lyndsey District Council took us on a treasure hunt where we looked for items in the building that surveyors check for to ensure that buildings are safe. We learnt a lot about what buildings need to have to keep people safe.

IMG 1096Our last activity was with JointLine who specialise in road markings and airfield markings, amongst other things. We were shown pictures of the work they had done at airfields with lines and signs to guide pilots. We then got a chance to use the road marking machine! We had to push it in a straight line and then pull the trigger to make the paint spray out.

We had a great day and learnt lots of new things. The pupils are planning to use some of their new skills to support them with their Horticulture work.

Day Two

Hospitality Class had a great time at the Lincolnshire Show Construction Day on the following day.  The pupils took part in lots of different activities which they all enjoyed and worked together as a team.  They enjoyed controlling the levers of a simulated crane which needed a lot of concentration and team work.  They also learned how to lay bricks for a patio and how to follow different patterns for the bricks to be laid. 

After lunch they visited an Army stall where they were able to wear Virtual Reality glasses to see what it was like to jump out of an airplane using a parachute!  Just like the Horticulture group, Hospitality were also able to practice how to draw the markings on the roads – they learned that most of them are hand drawn!

The Lincolnshire Construction Day was a great day out – all the pupils learned new skills and it was wonderful to see everybody working together as a team.

Ambergate at Construction Day

On Thursday 4th October 2018 a group of students participated in the EBP Construction Day at Lincolnshire Showground. This was a fantastic opportunity for them to engage with employers and businesses and further and higher educational establishments while carrying out fun practical activities.

In the morning sessions the students had lots of fun designing their own buildings with the Architect students from Lincoln University and then made amazing clay tile and clay 3D models, while another’s learnt about health and safety.

After lunch some of the students had a very messy session of plastering with Lincoln College while another group spent some time with Hill Holt Wood doing a reciprocal frame team building exercise. We then all spent some time with the Army, the students really enjoyed the fitness challenge with the assault course desperately trying to beat each other’s record, the soldiers where suitably impressed with their levels of fitness.

The day was rounded off with everyone working together to power the Army’s Spider Bike around the grounds.

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