Diwali 2018

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diwali11Sandon School celebrated Diwali again this year with different activities and lessons.

Diwali is the five-day festival of lights, celebrated by millions of Hindus, Sikhs and Jains across the world. This year it began on 5th November.

Here are some of the things the classes across Sandon School got up to:

Beech Class really enjoyed listening to the sensory story of Rama and Sita. They made paper lanterns and Rangoli patterns. In their Food Technology lesson, the class made Diwali sweets: coconut squares.

Oak Class tried some traditional Indian foods and explored the story of Rama and Sita. They also created their own Henna hands and enjoyed reading the sensory story.

Pear Class have interacted with 2 Diwali sensory stories, tried some Indian food and made Rangoli and Henna patterns.

Pine Class explored sensory lights, read the sensory story Rama and Sita and made Diwali hand prints.

Horticulture pupils made chapattis in the morning and ate them with mango chutney, and in the afternoon they made some Diwali elephants using recycled materials.

Willow Class have also been learning about the story of Rama and Sita and dressing up in Indian Clothes. They also made Coconut Ice and tried poppadum’s.

Eco Club enjoyed making Diwali lanterns.

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