Positive Health Workshops at GANF

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positive healthIdentified pupils at Sandon and Ambergate attended workshops about Sex and Relationships carried out by Kate from Positive Health Lincolnshire.

The workshops consisted of group discussions, activities and videos highlighting what makes a positive relationship, and the things that are not acceptable in a relationship; such as consent, the law regarding sexting and things to say or do if pupils find themselves in uncomfortable situations with peers (all content was made appropriate for the pupils understanding).

Ambergate pupils engaged in a thorough discussion about exploitation and grooming. Pupils were able to confidently acknowledge what they felt were inappropriate gifts or expectations from peers, adults or strangers, and identified who they could talk to if they were worried about such situations.

Sandon pupils took part in a group discussion and were able to identify the difference between good relationships and bad relationships, with a particular focus on factors that may put them at risk.

These workshops covered sensitive facts that some pupils can feel uncomfortable in discussing but all of the pupils who attended the workshops were very sensible and showed their maturity in making appropriate contributions and asking questions throughout!

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