Eco Day at GANF 2019

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eco12On Friday 15th March both Ambergate Sports College and Sandon School took part in an ECO day.

The theme of the day was Healthy Living.

Ambergate Sports College

At Ambergate all classes took part in different ways. Pupils from Miss Morton’s Health & Social Care group have been working on Healthy Living. Miss Morton said, ‘For our part in Eco Day the pupils have decided to prepare healthy snacks to hand out to their peers during morning break. We hope to encourage the pupils to eat more healthily.

The school continued their healthy eating throughout the day and broke a long standing tradition, fish and chip Friday was very kindly re-scheduled by the kitchen staff to fit in with the theme of the day! Mrs Capindale, TA, liaised with the kitchen and our school cook, Janet, provided a delicious, and very healthy meal, of chicken and vegetable pasta bake followed by a fresh fruit salad! The pupils loved it!!

As part of the days activities other classes made fruit smoothies, conducted healthy meal planning, carried out exercise programmes and looked at the effects that un-healthy living can have on our bodies.

Sandon School

At Sandon, we focused on our new themes of Marine Life and Healthy Living. Throughout the day pupils took part in different activities centred around these themes, including tasting different healthy foods, exercise activities, making fruit salad, decorating fish and making sensory ocean bottles.

All of the classes had a great time learning about our new themes, and we’re really looking forward to learning more over the next few months.

Eco Day at Sandon was also the launch day for our participation in The Daily Mile. This is an exercise programme for pupils that traditionally involves running or jogging around the playground for 15 minutes a day! Because of the needs and abilities of our pupils we have adapted this to suit us by including participation in physio, rebound, sensory circuits and horse riding to ensure that our pupils are accessing their 15 minutes of physical activity a day.

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